Live Data for Streams


First step: Go to the Homepage of and select an available live game from upcoming matches.

In the top right corner, you're able to select a stream and one of different views:

  • Mobile: No Stream, only stats.
  • Split: Everything on one page (large screen recommended).
  • Fullscreen: Enjoy your stream in full.*
  • Full+Chat: Enjoy your stream even more in fullscreen with Twitch Chat.
*: Press F11 in your browser to activate it's own fullscreen. It will look like real fullscreen, but in real fullscreen, the overlays of this site do not work.
(For macs, it's not F11 but ctrl+cmd+F)

In the header of a match page, you'll see different buttons, from "?" and "K/D/A" to "Bounty". Click on those to trigger the corresponding overlay. You can also use hotkeys to trigger those overlays, which are displayed in the "?" overlay.

The red "FOCUS!" button indicates that the main window lost focus and the hotkeys doesn't work anymore until the window is refocused (= clicked). That will mainly happen when using the chat.

If the site doesn't work or it doesn't look like these Screenshots, please head over to the Feedback section and tell me.


Missing games

There is a tournament game running but it's not featured on Looks like the tournament host decided not to play in a tournament lobby or it's a not ticketed game. Since the Steam API only delivers data for live league games, normal lobby games can't be enhanced with live data overlays. I'm thinking about adding those games anyway to complete the schedule, but with deactivated live data



This is probably the biggest problem for the live data feature of this page. I can not automatically determine the gametime of the stream and can only assume they are synced, but in most times, they aren't. There are different problems for out-of-sync's:

  • Every stream resolution is delayed differently. Source is mostly the fastest one.
  • Steam API (where I get the data from) only updates every ~15 seconds.
  • This page refreshes every 10 seconds.
  • Steam API uses the stream delay defined in the lobby. This causes most data to be delayed by 120 seconds, like ingame dota tv stream. If the casters do stream directly from broadcast view, the delay between stream and data will be (120 - upload time of broadcaster) in seconds.
To be honest, in 80% of the game, the delay is around 15-30 seconds. But from now and then, if the stream is delay larger than the predefined stream_delay, it can rarely happen that the live data are displayed before things happen in game.

To be really honest about this problem, I added a timestamp to the top right cornder of each overlay so everybody can see the current delay for a match and validate the live data based on this knowledge.

Useful Information

  • You can add your own stream with adding "?stream=channelname:twitch" to the match URL.


I do have some things on the list. The biggest one, beside of smaller enhancements, is the integration of Login with Steam to enable customizable hotkeys and stream preferences.

For everything new, head over to Feedback section!

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