Profile of 爱是一颗幸福的子弹

This is an overview of points earned from for the currently running Activity Week #1: The Bloodstone Event.


Current Rank 56

Total Points 152.84

Bloodstone charges 0 (0 max)

Recruits 0 (0 pending)

Rubberband Factor 1.0


Points for Watching 152.84

Points for Live-Stats (not available anymore) 0.00

Points for Recruits 0.00

Points for Bloodstones 0.00


(*) Bloodstone charges = Viewers that followed your personal (match-)link to watch games on dailydota2. Care: You can loose bloodstone charges when your viewers follow a personal link from someone else later on.

Bloodstone charges only show users that are online and watching. Because they could come back for the next game, we display your max number of Bloodstone charges you had. If a user follows a personal link from someone else, he will claim your Bloodstone charge.

Recruits (pending) means users who registered with your personal link did not earn 5 points yet.

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